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Next Meditation Retreat by Ven Welimada Jinalankara Thero will be on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 August at 8.00am.

A special Dhamma Deshana will be delivered at 6.30 pm on 16 Sunday August.

Budhu Medura (The shrine room)

You can learn not to want what you want, to recognize desires but not be controlled by them....

Welcome to Sri Lankaramaya - New Zealand

Sri Lankan Buddhists traditionally and culturally have a high regard to their religion and therefore attach a great importance and value to the influence of religion in moulding the life of people. The “Temple” therefore, is regarded as the centre of activity, thus forming the nucleus of social values in life. The influence of the “Temple” and Buddhist monks play a significant role in the cultural upbringing of Sri Lankans.

It is a fairly common occurrence in the case of Sri Lankans in a more recent and current trend where people migrate to other developed countries for various reasons. When they migrate to a completely new environment with their children and/or parents, they face a significant unfulfilled need to continue an association in the likes of religious activities, paying due consideration to thousands of years old Sri Lankan traditions. In this respect New Zealand was no exception, there was a long-felt need and a gap to fill.

The founding of the Sri Lankaramaya in Auckland was aimed at filling that gap which was in the hearts of Sri Lankan Buddhists in a manner that was deemed most effective. The progress the Sri Lankaramaya has made so far provides substantial evidence that the fulfilment of this objective has reached fruition.