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Sri Mihindu Dhamma School

Dhamma School Structure

The vision of the Dhamma School is to impart Buddhist principles and Sri Lankan culture to the younger generation. The knowledge gained in Buddhism or teachings of Lord Buddha combined with their academic achievements lead them to enjoy a good life, be good citizens and good sons and daughters to their parents and more importantly good and practicing Buddhists. The Dhamma School aspires its pupils to practice dhamma in their day to day lives and to educate popils to be proud of motherland, language, the rich culture and to continue where possible with Sri Lankan customs and traditions inherited from ancestors.

Mission of Sri Mihindu Dhamma School is to see that the pupils who learn the skills of language and Buddhism take the leading role of the community in continuing this service to generations to come.

Currently Dhamma School is conducted on Sundays at Fairburn School Hall which is conveniently situated adjoining the Sri Lankaramaya Temple.

At present the Dhamma School is headed by the Principal who is one of the resident venerable monks of Sri Lankaramaya. All the teachers work on voluntary basis, assisted by several parents who help in various ways. There are some dedicated parents take par in dhamma school activities on a regular basis including providing refreshments to pupils.

Dhamma School has a code of conduct and as a religious institution all children and adults are expected to behave as such under the guidance and direction of the Chief incumbent of Sri Lankaramaya, Ven Walgama Sri Munindawansa Nayaka Thero assisted by Ven Kottukachichiye Pangasiri Thero and Kagama Chandawimala Thero.

Year by year the dhamma school syllabi are regularised for each level with the assistance of the monks so as not to make the Dhamma School too much of an academic institution but a place where students are free to express their views learn the basic principles of Dhamma and Sinhala language in a healthy environment.

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